Sword and Sandals 2 ( Hacked Mode )


I got annoyed by all of your pming…
So I’ll put the guide here 😉
Enjoy ;D
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You can find the game at :

1) Skill point hack.
*)I don’t know why but my usual method dosen’t want to work anymore =(
So I’ll teach you other one =p

a) Open artmoney, cheat engine or whatever you are using.
b) Put all you the stats you want to be changed to 2 (agility 2, strength 2 etc.) Note : You can make them all only the same value =(
or you can do this thing with every stat but one by one =p
c) As process find sword and sandals 2 (there can be something else like “mozilla firefox- sword and sandals 2”
d) Search exact value.
e) Search 16 (2×8=16)(dunno why but you have to x (don’t know the word for it =p) with 8.)
f) Press the sift button and change value of the stats you want to hack to 3 and search 24 (you can make it a reverse aswell =p I mean if you made it to 3 and still didn’t find those stats then go back to 2 and then back to 3 then 2 then 3 etc. =p)
g) Well thats thats the most important thing you have to do =p
I mean keep doing it till you find the right ammount of stats (I mean you want to change 3 stats then at some point when you search there should be left only 3 stats =p)

2) Exp hack
Well to be honest this one is a bit more complicated =p

a) Open the program select the process click search.
b) win a fight.
c) wait till the exp stops coming…
d) x8 that value what you got for example 1600×8=12800
e) win another fight then wait till the exp stops coming.
f) press the sift out button and sift out x8 of that value for example 2000×8=16000
g) do that thing till you get only 1 of search thingys =)

3) Money hack =)
Well theres nothing to learn anymore =p
You just do the same thing as with the skill points =D

Good luck with your pleasent gaming ^^

Best regards,
Santa898, Ancient shed, Santa777 etc. [got to many nicknames =p(those are all my nicknames)]

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  1. My class played this on school we putted our name like farteater and then a few ,,, so we could get better stats and then randomize it

  2. WHo IS hErE In 2020/2019/2018/2017/2016…?
    The game is bloody great, Tenacious D is bloody great and that's all, that matters.

  3. This is the video that got me into loving Tenachious D, God Im so lucky I watched this video 10 years ago.

  4. Good that you found a play easier glitch, but isnt it weird to still use windows xp (okay i know that it was 2007 but you dont even use windows vista????

  5. I play this game when I was 6 yrs old and now I am 16 year old 😍😍😍😍 I can feel my child hood this was my favourite game at that time

  6. 4:12 omg I remember watching this video, and I found that song not so long ago,
    I was wondering because it sounded so familiar, and I found this video again.

    Thanks for Memories I guess xd


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