Python Online Game Tutorial #1 – Creating a Client Using Sockets


This python online game tutorial series will show you how to create a scale-able multiplayer game with python using sockets/networking and pygame. This video will show how to create a basic client and in the next videos will code a server and connect our clients to it.

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  1. i have a problem. When try running this script, it says me this " if keys[pygame.K_DOWN]:


    IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level" any ideeas? im on python 3.8

  2. Help !! I always get an error when i code import pygame, i am in a hurry and need this for my school project. I basically tried to install python and it apparently installed the 32 bit version. Is this why im getting an error ?

    Collecting pygame

    Using cached

    Complete output from command python egg_info:

    WARNING, No "Setup" File Exists, Running "buildconfig/"

    Using WINDOWS configuration…

    Download prebuilts to "prebuilt_downloads" and copy to "./prebuilt-x86"? [Y/n]Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "<string>", line 1, in <module>

    File "", line 194, in <module>


    File "", line 210, in main

    deps = CFG.main(**kwds)

    File "", line 576, in main

    and download_win_prebuilt.ask(**download_kwargs):

    File "", line 302, in ask

    reply = raw_input(

    EOFError: EOF when reading a line


    Command "python egg_info" failed with error code 1 in C:UsersbarisAppDataLocalTemppycharm-packagingpygame

  3. hy tim whwn i m running the code , virtuaiization of client gets opening and disabled in few secs it was not giving output can u plz share ur views regarding it…plzzz

  4. Hey Tim, thanks a lot for making this series, it helped me a lot!!
    Could you please make a tutorial on how to do the same with twisted please.
    Thank you !!

  5. I shouldn't be as excited as I that I was the 10,000th viewer of this video lol. Also, great tutorial, you helped me a lot!

  6. can you pls show, how to make this run on a real server? i saw u have filezilla. i only can find videos for local host servers.

  7. Please! I need help, I'm using pyCharm and I downloaded pyGame through terminal but when I type import pygame it says import pygame ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pygame'


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