Moving Steam Games With ( Steam Mover )


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Video On how to Save time, By moving not re-downloading your steam Games.

Steam Mover –
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DayZ –
ARMA 2 –
The War Z –
Task Force Blackjack –

Computer Specs ——————
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601)
Processor: AMD FX-8150 Eight Core – 3.61 GHz
Memory: (16GB) DDR3
Name: EVGA-GEFORCE-GTX 560 (Super Clocked) 2048MB GDDR5


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  1. What if you have a 90gb SSD and are attempting to transfer a 50gb game (DOOM) ? Steam tells me I have insufficient memory before recognizing that the game is on the SSD?

  2. I would like to ask a question. If I use Steam Mover to send all my games from my (C) drive to my other hard drive (E) and then reformat Windows. And then reinstall windows will I be able to move back the games from the (E) drive back to the (C) and run the games normally without issues? The reason I ask is because sometimes there are registeries stored in the computer from a given game. I don't know if the game will run fine if I move it to another hard drive and then upon reformating windows whether the game will run properly without having to redownload the game all over again from steam?

  3. I have 92GB worth of mods in my arma 3 folder. If I use steam mover to move the game to another drive, will it take the mods with it too? I'm talking about the @mod folders in the steam/common directory of ARMA games.


  4. Quick question: I may be rather silly or perhaps I wasn't listening – either way. If I use Steammover and move my games from my HDD to my SSD will I be able to run the game directly through the SSD to ensure faster boot times?

  5. This is a lot nicer of a backup solution, compared to steams "backup and restore" option which seems like it takes forever.

  6. Is there an origin version of this? I really want bf4 on my SSD..But i really do not want origin on there too. I literally only play bf4 off Origin. 🙁

  7. The funny thing about this, is that it's only needed for games where you have to login to some other service first to launch them. Pretty much any standalone game (folder) has always been able to be moved from one drive to another without any special program.

  8. So do you have steam installed on your main C drive and your stored your games on D? I am very confused trying to understand your setup. Basically I have an SSD that's my C drive that also has windows on it. Should I install Steam on my D drive (regular HDD) then move games to my C to make them work faster? Thanks in advance.

  9. Is there a way to tell steam to download games to certain place?
    I have a 250 GB HDD with 200 GB for Mac and 40 GB for Windows 7 (and now got only 4 GB left), so I can't afford to download any average game on Windows and then move it.

    I want to format my Mac and readjust my partition but I don't have another HDD to backup.

  10. I wish I had heard of this program yesterday. I deleted all my games so I could download them to a new drive. Oh well, some older Valve games don't allow to me to download them in the new drive so I'll use this. Thanks for the useful tutorial.

  11. So what your saying is that, I can't use this to move files from one HDD to another HDD and it will only work with SSD's ? OMG thats crazy!

  12. I think you're using steam mover backwards. You can move the files to the steam folder using explorer.

    SteamMover is used to move the games from the steam folder to another drive (in my case an SSD). The program creates junction points, which are more or less shortcuts, so that steam can still see the game.

  13. Well it depends … most games put some kind of save in the "My Documents" section of the Hard Drive that has your OS….. So I guess the answer would be, it doesn't matter 🙂

  14. yes that is exactly what this is made for, you just have to point it FROM (SSD location) and then TO (HDD location) — like make a game Dir on your HDD and just move your steam games there … like I show you in the video :).

  15. I have steam on my m4 ssd(256gb) and already have 100 fb worth of games. I also have a 3 tb seagate barracuda hdd this will help me transfer the 100gb on my ssd to my hdd right? Sorry I'm new to all this

  16. I'm glad that I could help, be sure to check out the other content …. and i'm give out a few things to all my subs, tell your friends 🙂


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