Move Steam games to another hard drive using SteamMover


/E Copies directories and subdirectories, including empty ones. Same as /S /E. May be used to modify /T.
/V Verifies each new file.
/I If destination does not exist and copying more than one file, assumes that destination must be a directory.
/F Displays full source and destination file names while copying.
/Y Suppresses prompting to confirm you want to overwrite an existing destination file.

/S Delete all files and subfolders
in addition to the folder itself.
Use this to remove an entire folder tree
/Q Do not display Y/N confirmation

/J Creates a Directory Junction


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  1. When I move them to another hard drive I still see my CSGO folder in the previous HDD "common" folder. Does that mean all it did was copy and not remove??

  2. So can I move a modded Skyrim from a custom Steam Library (Drive C:) to another drive (Drive J:) and create another Steam Library?? Steam is installed on Drive D.

    And when I install new mods, will they be stored on the drive that I chose?

  3. My current hd is bottlenecking one of my games so I was going to move it to my ssd,using this tool will it work?

  4. with this program will my games save files be moved to my portable hard drive.?and not just the game app…

  5. Hi. Does this still load update into downloading folder on your main drive and apply them to the second drive? Im trying to limit wright's on my ssd. From using the in steam way. Thanks

  6. Hey, i got all my games and my steam on my hdd harddisc, and i will like to put 1 game on my ssd to make it load faster ingame. Can i use this program to do it? And will my game runs faster, even when the steam isnt on the ssd?

  7. so would i start steam from the Main HD or the external HD? also, when they are moved over to the external drive, will i need to start the game from the external drive? i'm kind of confused 🙁 thx for any help


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