Logitech z506 speaker | LED TV connection | Sound Test


This video is a review of Logitech z506 speaker system and its connection with LED TV along with sound test. I bought this speaker from amazon and they have amazing sound quality. Watch this video for review , setup,specifications and sound test.

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Logitech z 506 :

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  1. Hi, Is it possible to hook up a 10" passive subwoofer with 2 satellite speakers to my SMART TV to improve the TV sound quality without adding a soundbar or a pair of computer speakers? If "Yes" how do i go about it and if "No" than what would you suggest please? Thanks!

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  3. Is it possible to connect the z506 to your pc and tv? I have a setup with my pc and tv above it so it would be nice if I could your the sound of the tv on the speakers too.

  4. Quick question. Can you be able to connect these speakers to an LG TV? I have these speakers, but I am not certain if they can be connected to an LG.


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