LG PH1 Bluetooth Speaker Review – Mood Lighting?!?



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A 360-degree sounding speaker by LG with a fancy feature. Is it worth the asking price? Let’s find out. In this review of LG PH1, I go over the design, build, sound quality, battery life and give my final thoughts about the LG PH1. Let’s dive into the review.


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  1. Hey Adit.
    Just bought it on your recommendation.
    Just joking. I'm on holiday in Thailand and my BT speaker died, so I bought the pH 1 for 900 thb.
    Busy charging now so havn't heard it yet.
    Cheers for the review

  2. Bro pls pls pls suggest best Bluetooth speaker under 2000 with heavy bass
    Pls pls pls pls

  3. Any recommendations for desktop speakers with led? Under 13k
    It's fine without led too but if you know about one tell me.

  4. Are there any other good bluetooth speakers with led lights? I know about Jbl Pulse but it sells for around 15-17k and budget is around 10k.


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