How to breed Wasteland Dragon ? – Dragon Mania Legends


How to breed Wasteland Dragon ? – Dragon Mania Legends

I’m using Coral + Earth Dragon 🙂
Very luck
Have a nice weekend

Hello everyone. Here’s the events for next week, with a couple of new dragons available to collect!

🐲 June 8-15 (9AM GMT): Bottomless Dungeon! ⁠🐲
Explore the depths of the Dungeon for a chance to loot the brand-new Algae Dragon! This week players have a chance to find the Relic of Breeding and Double Egg Relic in the dungeon’s chests!
Dungeon shop: Pulsar Dragon

🏁 June 8-12 (9AM GMT): Great Dragon Race! 🏁
Complete various tasks with your Clanmates to feed your Clan Dragon and win the Great Dragon Race.

💞 June 8-15 (8:30AM GMT): Blitz Breeding! 💞
Race against the clock and use the Algae Dragon and the Perfume Dragon to breed the brand-new Skyhorn Dragon!
* For this event, the Skyhorn Dragon has a 5% base breeding chance.

🎈 June 8-15: Otto’s Lotto Special! 🎈
Spin the lottery wheel to win special prizes and pieces of the hardy Scarab Dragon!

🍇 June 12-15 (3PM GMT): Farming Fanatic! 🍓
Collect as much Food as you can. Leaderboard prize: Meteorite Dragon.

💰 June 12-15 (3PM GMT): Golden Gatherer! (VIP) 💰
Collect as much Gold as you can from your habitats. Leaderboard prize: Cherry Blossom Dragon.

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  1. How long have u been playing this game to make that much money? How…wha…never mind. What is the most powerful dragon u have??

  2. Idk why but on my computer it says sever not available right now. Please try again later. Is that happening to any of you guys and if it is do you know how to fix it?

  3. Mi dragón favorito es Iz'que ahora estoy intentando cruzar el dragón del mes y empezaré con el de la Semana también

  4. Haizzzz gần đây ít người xem quá chắc mới người ko thích nx😟😟😟nhưng game rõ hay đồ họa đẹp nx haizzz CỐ LÊN NHA


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